At Sol, one part of the wall is painted in magenta.
This color, discovered by Goethe, is a combination of red and violet,
which respectively are the lowest and highest colors of the visible spectrum.
Red is most heavy with long wavelengths signifying Roughness.
Violet is light with short wavelengths signifying Delicateness.
Hence, in Japan, violet is commonly used to represent the highest rank.
The words, “reason is formed by the height of culture and the height of animality” represent this ideology;
when the extremities of the vulgar and the refined exist, instead of combining both and diving it in half,
it is the intuition of going both directions simultaneously.
This is what is referred to as the Middle Way in Buddhism, meaning when exact opposites exist,
one does not take what is in the center but encloses them both.
Sol’s aim to synthesize the man-made, contemporary and western, with the natural, antique and eastern,
alludes to the meaning of the color magenta, which signifies a mixture of opposite colors.
Thus, magenta is the symbol of the Middle Way.

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THE ZEN KAI Vol.2 Time Table

  • DATE : 2011.10.06
  • Cat : Event


花園禅塾(花園大学生雲水) 読経

般若心経 ご詠歌


羽賀和尚 法話



大石将紀(Sax) Solo 『The Garden of love ウィリアム ブレイクの詩をテーマに書かれたJacobTVの曲

+國松竜次(Guitar) Duo 『アリア』 ヴィラ=ロボス


清水香名 語り



EGO-WRAPPIN'  Acoustic Live



佐治晴夫 講演

『心と「いのち」の万華鏡 ー宇宙に学ぶ人生の歩き方ー』




桂しん吉 落語